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  • The Why & Who

    I'm a super motivated professional who thrives on the conversion of ideas into real-world products. I'm as straight-forward as can be, with quite a soft-spot for clean design and badass branding. To sum it up, just throw a macbook into the mix and I'll get going on anything, because anything is achievable, if a person truly desires to do it.

  • Pro Experience



    Eila is a chatbot that helps businesses sell on Facebook Messenger. We aim to provide a chatbot-as-a-service to help Facebook only businesses sell their products using conversational commerce. Eila currently has 5 live customers (Restaurants & Cafes) & 7 in the pipeline from both Jordan & the UAE. I help with the product design, feature-set, along with the over-all flow of the product. Of course it doesn't stop there, as an entrepreneur, I do the sales, content creation, design, and even data-entry, I mean after all, you gotta do what you gotta do.


    On a side note: Eila was just selected as a runner-up in the Facebook Messenger Challenge (Middle East & Sub-saharan Africa), in the productivity & utility category.


    Founder & CEO (2013 - 2016)

    RedTroops is a white-labelled, self-serve advertising platform, built from the ground-up to empower web & mobile publishers to start selling directly to even the most novel advertiser. It starts with an entire dedicated store-front, where advertisers browser & buy available ad spaces, they then proceed to build their own animated Ads with a drag&drop Ad builder, & are then offered real-time performance stats through their own analytics dashboard. RedTroops came out of the challenges I faced in the previous startup and I sought to solve those problems myself.



    As a sole-founder I had to do everything between setting up the MVP and sweeping the toilet. It started with the initial product vision, by defining the target customer persona, which I used that to set clear requirements that serve their goals and thus build up the initial feature set. That base was the core that I used to communicate with the design team, to architect the experience and create the interface. The design was then transferred over to the technical team, who turned it into an actual product. Of course, the process doesn't end there and is followed by closely monitoring the customer's behaviour and interaction, which we simply used to keep on building better features/products.


    As the startup grew I was also handling fundraising, hiring, sales, business development, marketing, customer relations, quality assurance and everything in between. At it's peak, I had hired and was managing a team of 8, with business development, design and technical professionals.



    Lean product management - SAAS product management - Agile (Scrum) project management - User experience - User interface - Leadership - Marketing - Sales - Digital advertising.


    Founder (2011 - 2013)

    Believing in the "power of the app", t3cubed was launched in 2011 to create games and entertainment apps for international audiences on iOS and Android. We launched a total of +25 apps, and were able to break the top 25 overall (free) rank in more than 40 countries (including the U.S.) with a zero marketing budget, we were actually able to get 4x return on our investment.


    Main Responsibilities:

    When I started, I knew what it took to create mobile apps, but I certainly didn't have all the necessary skills, however that certainly wasn't going to stop me. It started with me coming up with an idea for an app, setting up the entire feature set in a clean document, which was coupled with initial mockups, that I would use to clearly set the requirements for both designers/developers that I outsourced from all around the world. Throughout the two years I outsourced design/development, for 15 apps, from 4 different countries. It wasn't an easy ride, but this one-man-show actually did something I'm quite proud of.

    Nokia Siemens Networks

    IN Engineer (2011 - 2012)

    One of the most un-interesting and un-challenging jobs I've ever held. We were mainly responsible for administering the Intelligent Network architecture for Zain Jordan.


    Smart Applications Product Manager (2010 - 2011)

    My role started with understanding client needs, setting up the initial schematics, and then working closely with the graphics team on UI/UX and design. The final slices were then exported in proper format to meet all technical requirements, which developers could use to produce a final working product.

    Nokia Siemens Networks

    Product & Technology Development Intern (2009)

    Trained for the process of inspecting new value-added products/services, all the way down to selection and implementation with the various departments, from a marketing as well as a technical perspective.

  • Projects & Products

    A selection of projects & products I've been directly involved with:

    A one-of-a kind Ad builder that enables anyone to create an animated rich-media Ad by simply dragging & dropping. It also provides royalty free design resources that can be used to build Ads from scratch.

    A 2-day hackathon to create fully functional apps, that was fully organised by RedTroops for brand awareness and early user adoption.

    G's Hotdog

    A beat-the-clock game that got to number 24 top free app in the U.S. & broke the top 25 rank in more than 40 countries worldwide.

    Al-Hilal FC iOS app

    A joint project between Mobily & Info2cell. I handled the creation of the very first version of the app from the feature set, prototyping and eventually launch.

  • Education 

    Princess Sumaya University for Tech.

    B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering


    The Amman Baptist School

    International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)


  • Reach Out

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